Hope Michelle Cranford, professionally known as Hopeadope, is a hip-house artist from Detroit, MI. She loves mixing genres with her powerhouse voice and outlandish bars. Fans and friends describe her vocals as soothing but raw as hell!  


 Hopeadope represents every brown skin person, anyone who's ever been bullied, and the LGBTQ+ community; who are search of inspiration. Her goal is to give people hope in the dopest way. To go after one's true purpose, becoming your own superhero, and harnessing your inner dopeness.

 A savage lifestyle, growing pains and heartbreak drive her creative ambition. As a bold risk taker, her music invites exotic vocals with unique beats. 


 To learn more about Hopeadope check out her article on VFILES.com where she talks about her childhood, songwriting process, and what's next. You can also check out her article in Elevator where writer Armon Sadler reviews her debut EP entitled "CUTE AF"

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